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Title: AIG is proud to present the first Multiweek Flight plan ever!
Post by: Johan Nordqvist on March 02, 2018, 09:13:27 AM
Hiya folks!

I'm releasing these plans on behalf of Christian Hruschka, his section is found below the line, but first I want to provide you with a brief introduction.

Multi-week flight plans are flight plans where the repeat period is more than one week and for a long time, it was assumed by many to not be possible.

This is incorrect.

FSX Boat Traffic Compiler compiles boat traffic plans and has always supported multi-week rotations.

Alpha India Group has been secretly researching this concept to find out if it works for air traffic too and we came to the conclusion that it does.
In order to experiment with this, I wrote a new compiler called AIG Traffic Tools which is currently in beta.
I'll be perfectly honest about what it is - it's a complete rip-off of Lee Swordy's TTools.

Keep in mind though that this is only supported by FSX/P3D.

We felt it was important to not just announce this with empty words, but also provide a proof of concept.

The following flight plans written by Christian Hruschka are the first to be publically released (as far as we know).

AIG is proud to present the first Multiweek Flightplan ever!
Please pay special attention to the notes reagrding installation!


Airline Name: FIFA Trophy Tour (opb Titan Airways)
Author: Christian Hruschka (;u=12067)
Country: United Kingdom
Week: January - May 2017

Boeing 737-300
*part 1 (red) / part 2 (yellow)

Special Notes: This flightplan is made for FSX/P3D only and can NOT be used in FS9.

The flightplan has been splitted into two parts (á 8 Weeks). Both parts are matching each other so no dupes anywhere. Detailed tour data can be found in the zip file.

Installation: I included an aifp.cfg file - this AIFP can be used for repaint instalation ONLY!
These flightplans can NOT be compiled with AIFP or TTools. To install this flightplan pls move the included .bgl file into your Traffic folder.
(usually Scenery/World/Scenery)

If you install the paint manually pls check that you set the title to:

title=FIFA Trophy Tour 2018 Boeing 737-300 - opb Titan Airways

Further inforamtion about multi-week rotations can be found in the "Multi-Week Rotations.pdf" file included in this flighplan archive.
A special thanks to the AIG Development team and everyone else involved in this project ::cheers::

Title: Re: AIG is proud to present the first Multiweek Flight plan ever!
Post by: Johan Nordqvist on March 02, 2018, 10:38:02 AM
I'd like to add that if anyone has any questions feel free to send me a PM.