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Title: AI Manager (One-Click-Installer) for MSFS
Post by: Kaiii3 on October 10, 2020, 03:46:57 PM
There has been no official statement regarding AIM/OCI for MSFS yet, time to change that :)

Yes there will be an Update for AI Manager and OCI to support MSFS in the future, BUT it is still a long way to go. We could provide a 50% solution within some weeks/months that might work (could cuase CTDs and missing stuff), but our goal is to bring you 100% on day one. This means a longer waiting time for you, more work for use but in the end we will have a fully working OCI Setup like we have now in P3D.

Features that will be included (OCI only):

Features that might be included (OCI only and depending on MSFS updates):

We have not yet any timeframe for the development, at the moment we still collecting basic information on what is possible in the new Sim and what files we can use. What is sure: We are not talking about weeks or a few months, more like  year or so. As soon as we have more news I will update the post, for now please be patient and give us the time we need.
Title: Re: AI Manager (One-Click-Installer) for MSFS
Post by: Kaiii3 on November 09, 2020, 04:16:37 PM
One month later and I can actual provide you guys with an update:

ASOBO has fixed a bug within MSFS that caused CTDs when using FSX-MDL files. Thanks to this fix AIG is now able to start the developing and testing process of AIM/OCI for MSFS.

Over the last days I deployed multiple testversions of AIM to our internal testers to check the baseline configuration of AIM. Over the weekend we were able for the first time to install a modified flightplan inside an independent OCI setup within the Community directory of MSFS - IMPORTANT: This does not mean it will work with every flightplan but it has shown us that our understanding of the new filestructure and directorystructure was corect and we implement it now fully into AIM.
This test also provided us with many information regarding FSX MDLs and repaints - how are they looking within the new Sim, are they fully compatible or are there changes we need to do. All this inforamtion will be updated from time to time during the development process and will affect possible external packages we might need to provide to get to the 100% solution we are aiming. To be fully honest: With the dataset we have at the moment, the models already developed for FSX we are NOT able to reach the 100% solution we plan without any extra work!

AIG has made the first steps in MSFS but there are still many to go before we can go public with AIM/OCI. We are on the right track, but since the SDK is still not finished and stuff might be changed (and our Addon is no longer working) there are still far to many uncertanties to specualte about a release data/or even timeframe.

I will keep you updated on the process :)