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AIG AI Manager / export flightplans
« Last post by Aa737 on Today at 10:13:39 PM »
   Does anybody know how to export those flight plans correctly? I have tried using the fight plan-export but when I click on export, the application closes.
General Discussion / Re: Weird problem at Aerosoft Keflavik P3D V4
« Last post by johanfrc on Today at 06:33:57 PM »
Try to enable it in Vector.

One of my friends have the exact same problems with Prague, and when he enables that airport in the Vector options, it works perfectly.
General Discussion / Weird problem at Aerosoft Keflavik P3D V4
« Last post by Musician_89 on Today at 06:21:46 PM »
I used a Migration Tool to install this Airport in P3D V4 and have flown in and out of it many times with no issue. Lately, it has been acting up. I am having a problem with the textures and the elevation. I currently use Orbx Base Global, Vector and Open LC Europe and I have checked that elevation is disabled for BIKF in the Orbx Control Panel. I have also checked the scenry.cfg entry for the addon as well and that's fine, and i have uninstalled and reinstalled the addon but to no avail.

indeed, the manual installtion in one of the oldest parts of Code we have, in preperations for 1.0 it will get reworked and will use many parts of OCI and then this should work fine as well
Thanks.. I've noticed that AIM manual installs have a real problem with texture folder structures such as the one that's contained in the attached file.

These inevitability result in having to do the repaint manually.
Thank you, that fixed it!  Pete
AIM - Support / Re: [OPEN] OCI - Models outdated
« Last post by Barrington on Yesterday at 11:15:55 PM »
I found a duplicate file on my system and it now appears fixed.
Many thanks
AIG AI Manager / Re: No trafic P3D V4
« Last post by vekant on Yesterday at 08:29:49 PM »
I started over and started over. With a new pack uploaded to your forum. All reconfigured. And this time I finally have traffic on CDG with air france
General Discussion / Re: Which payware AI Aircraft are worth it?
« Last post by Mr_LoL on Yesterday at 08:00:39 PM »
I prefer payware.
I just feel that looks wise FSP aircraft they are so far ahead of freeware. Only exception are the Faib models.  TFS and UTT look to FS9 and low res for me.
With regards to the effects, the updated fsp models are now using default effects instead of the textured lights as before.
AIG AI Manager / Re: No trafic P3D V4
« Last post by vekant on Yesterday at 07:52:37 PM »
ok it's done
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