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General Discussion / Re: Ryan's FS2020 AI tutorial
« Last post by Dlow on Yesterday at 08:49:58 PM »
Prior to me switching to offline only traffic, I had an extensive set of Ai (at least 20+ different models) which I used with online/real-time traffic. This worked nearly 100% accurate with model matching (occasionally got the "GEN" tag but the livery and model was correct).

Today, I switched back to my real-time set and real time traffic were matched again, nearly 100% (just a few GENs but correct models and liveries).

General Discussion / Re: Ryan's FS2020 AI tutorial
« Last post by f_tony on Yesterday at 07:10:01 PM »
I've tried all day to try and find a solution but still no success. I really don't understand why liveries are chosen totally randomly. Anyway, I found online a mod for online traffic and, after some testing, I noticed that matching rate is quite high (though no 100%). Here is one of the aircraft.cfg files included in it...hopefully it containes some hint on how we could edit ours...still haven't identified potential differences...please give it a look  ::confused::
General Discussion / Re: Ryan's FS2020 AI tutorial
« Last post by f_tony on Yesterday at 06:57:25 PM »
Unfortunately, it is not the case...I've set that value in every cfg file but still gettin random liveries  ::mad::
General Discussion / Re: Ryan's FS2020 AI tutorial
« Last post by marsi on Yesterday at 06:51:20 PM »
Is it possible that they have started using the icao_airline instead of the title?
If it is so, it would be a pain in the ass for those who have multiple liveries for a single ICAO... Unless then the sim chose at random from the existing liveries of that ICAO..
Just guessing..
Slider, 100%
GA ops, 100%; military : 100%; Charter (like United Nations/WPF/Missionary evangelists/Antarctica missions) : 100%.
Focus region ? No, the entire world (Siberia and far end of South America are still lacking AI ops)
Fantasy ? Yeah, I've kept like 80% of airlines available from FS9 debuts (2004) like Cameroon Airlines or KavMinVody Avia, TransBrasil, everything that doesn't look too old (like for instance Interflug Tu134s). Also some historical flights, like every Concorde World tours (triple the BA/AF fleet required) or presidential visits (most custom made). BTW, I have even more 747 classics flying in sim than number of frames produced, because one frame likely flew on various operators along the years, and most of those operators are still active in my sim.
And.. never uninstall a special color. Delta 772 Atlanta Olympics, Continental PeterMax, JAL Disney 50ths, Emirates Expo. Event interim colors like Aeroflot 737-400/777-200, or Angola Airlines wavy scheme..

The great voids are : ultralights (FPs exist, but dozen of missing models), gliders (a couple plans and funny to see gliders take off on their own), helo traffic (I only have freeware stuff and almost no helipads ADE), blimps.

Overcrowded airports and skies ? Absolutely, that's why I use ADE/Afcad to add even more parkings than realistically available (thanks Google Earth), and edit plans to try to expand/shift rush hours along the day/night (that's also why I can't use auto installers, I need control over retro and fleets, shifting flights and exchanging routes..)

But that's just me : I watch and use the sim as a screen saver with TrafficViewBoard 98%, I only fly 2%. I take an AI flight and position the view, usually front or aft the wings. Short multi legs flights are great, less prone to the AI disappearing midflight. No PMDG/fancy panels and pro airports to impede framerates, so FP-wise, I'm around 17-25FPS.
^^ but that's just me. I just believe the lack of overall general aviation (single props) is just so unrealistic, I like variety, a subtantial heavy metal because that's the era I identify myself in, and it's about the fun that suits my taste anyway. :)
When I fly, I may kill the landing plane ahead of me about next attempt to land after the 5th time I was instructed to go around. It's fun to train anyway. I don't divert.
TC - Support / Re: AIG Tech not starting after update to
« Last post by bopalka on Yesterday at 06:28:38 PM »
When I "run as admin" it always crashes when P3D tries to start TC.. but it does run if I have that option off.
AIM - Support / Re: [WIP] AIM not recognising/reading ESAI traffic files?
« Last post by rke on Yesterday at 04:39:18 PM »
Apologies for bumping this old thread, but the issue appears to have resurfaced once more. Only ESAI plans are affected, MBAI so far doesn't appear to be.

Also, I've never really noticed it before, but the FPDatabase.xml in the folder where I store my non-OCI traffic BGL's is completely empty  ::confused::
AIG AI Manager / Re: create flight plan
« Last post by Kaiii3 on Yesterday at 11:40:37 AM »
AIM is not for creating new flightplans, for that check out AIFP:
AIG AI Manager / create flight plan
« Last post by Ali Bayazid on Yesterday at 11:25:19 AM »
hello guys how can i create flight plan ?
General Discussion / Re: Ryan's FS2020 AI tutorial
« Last post by f_tony on Yesterday at 09:44:25 AM »
The latest hotfix has not solved the problem either  >:(
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