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AIM - Suggestions / Re: defunct airlines
« Last post by nigel on Today at 10:59:29 AM »

Only definite next week.

CAA to review FAT service resumption petition next week

Taipei, Dec. 14 (CNA) The Civil Aeronautics Administration (CAA) said on Saturday that next week it is set to review a service resumption petition submitted by Far Eastern Air Transport Corp. (FAT), after the airline made a surprise announcement Thursday that it would stop all flights from Friday, citing financial problems.


AIM - Suggestions / Re: defunct airlines
« Last post by Drebing on Today at 09:21:04 AM »
AIG Announcements / Re: AIG Summer 2019 Flightplan Updates
« Last post by sharklet_a319 on Today at 08:53:38 AM »
Alaska Airlines v2 available
V2: forces reinstall of DH4 Milton G Kuolt II repaint after fix

American Airlines v3 available
V3: reinstall of a couple of 73H/A319 after WiFi Dome fix by Kyle
AIG Announcements / Re: AIG Winter 2019/2020 Flightplans
« Last post by sharklet_a319 on Today at 07:58:37 AM »

Airline Name: Aurigny Air Services
Author: Christian Hruschka
Country: United Kingdom
Week: 25th November - 1st December 2019

Embraer EMB-195

ATR 72-600/500

ATR 42-500 (red)| Dornier 228-200 (yellow)

V2: fixes day encoding

General Discussion / Re: Aeromexico Su 18 plans
« Last post by nwa on Yesterday at 07:24:36 PM »
Just noticed some times are off.  MMMX - CYVR are several hours longer than they should be causing multiple AMX planes on the ground for extended periods.  Saw 3 aircraft at CYVR on a particular day.  Hopefully next version will be OK.
I installed manually.

After reading your response of missing PBR textures, I checked again and since *I did not read* the readme initially. I had L texture files in each folder and did not install the texture.cfg  :groan:

Read the readme entirely, fixed my mistakes and now aircraft are showing properly.

Thank you for your help :)
Looks like missing PBR textures.

How did you install those aircraft models? Manually or OCI?

Noticed in P3d 4.5 some of my AI aircraft are showing strange textures. Not sure if it is the aircraft model or textures or setting.

I had not loaded P3D in some time while updating my AI traffic (hence why I just noticed this). Installed some PBR versions recently available from here.

Not all AI aircraft only some are affected ( AIG 757's, TFS A300/A310, FM 146-300, OPS ATR 72, AIM CRJ-200)

Other that were updated to PBR are ok. For example installed FSPXAI A380 PBR model and checked before and after (all working wellfor A380

The aircraft shows a lighter texture in sun and completely dark on shadow side. I've included some screenshots to get some help (first time experiencing this, I am stumped)

Using P3Dv4.5.13 , Win 10 Pro, downloaded latest NVidia GeForce drivers 441.66 (reinstalled again to double check)

I've included screenshots of both daylight sun hitting aircraft and shadow side. Thank you for your help
AIG Announcements / Re: AIG Winter 2019/2020 Flightplans
« Last post by sharklet_a319 on Yesterday at 03:05:48 PM »

Airline Name: Tasman Cargo Airlines
Author: Allan Lee
Country: Australia
Week: 1st - 7th December 2019

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