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Frontier / Republic Airlines Embraer Fleet
« on: April 23, 2008, 11:51:56 PM »
How ironic..


There is a new set of individual AIA Embraer repaints for the Republic Airlines fleet flying the Frontier Colors available tonight on AVSIM as well as a dedicated 2008 FP.

And guess what?


On January 11, 2007, Frontier Airlines announced it had signed an 11-year service agreement with Republic Airlines. Under the agreement, Republic will operate 17 Embraer 170 aircraft for the Frontier Airlines operations. The first aircraft was placed into service in March 2007 and the last aircraft is expected to be placed into service in December 2008

On April 23, 2008, Republic Airways Holdings (parent of Republic Airlines) announced the termination of its service agreement with Frontier Airlines, which entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier in April.

Republic will draw down its Embraer 170-series aircraft serving Frontier, with the last planes leaving service on June 23, 2008. Due to Republic Airways' need for this aircraft type with its other operations and the high demand for this type in the market, it is likely that these aircraft will be repurposed for other RJET subsidiaries or sold.


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