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AIG RotPlan
« on: April 22, 2021, 04:47:43 PM »
I am proud to announce that we are currently working on a flight planning tool called RotPlan.

RotPlan.. wait what?
A few years ago, I created a flight planning tool called RotPlan which comes from "Rotations Planner". That tool came in two versions none of which have been released publically.
The first version was not a planner, instead it was.. something else. The second version was what we've been using for the past 4-5 years or so and replaced the MRAI Compiler.
I didn't do this alone though, Chris helped out a lot with designing new features and kept me from straying off with awkward user-unfriendly solutions. :heehee:

So what makes it different from the MRAI Compiler?
The difference lies in all of the extra features that we added such as an improved linker algorithm, a balancer and the ability to define ground times for airports and aircraft individually.
We added a better cruise flight level algorithm and the ability to group flights into sequences, which would guarantee that flights going from A to B and then C could be kept together throughout the compile process.
RP3 will take all of that to a whole different level and include more parameters that makes it possible to create even more realistic flight plans.
We're putting our collective experience of flight planning into this tool -- this is a team effort! RP3 will support FS9, FSX and P3D.

Not sure I understand entirely what it does..
Yeah.. that was a bit of a wall of text. Short story; RotPlan will most of the time be used for turning timetables into flight plans.
Look up the MRAI Compiler and give it at try, that will give you an idea of what RotPlan does.

Why have you been holding out on us!?   ::mad::
The reason for not making it available to the general public was that the infrastructure of the two first versions was chaotic to say the least, which made troubleshooting problematic.
Naturally, new bugs are found when software is exposed to more users and there was also a lack of energy on my behalf. It was also a matter of complexity and lack of documentation.
Therefore we decided not to release it because we wouldn't have been able to provide support for the tool, and simply saying "Sorry, no support." is not an option for AIG products.
I started working on RotPlan v3 which was meant to become a public release but then I got tired of programming and took a very long break which lasted for about 3 years.
Now I'm back again and have resumed development of RP3 and a public release is our intention.
I'm to blame for all of this because it was ultimately my decision to not release it, so don't blame the others.  :groan:

Freeware or payware?
This is no different to our other products - freeware of course!

Cool! So.. when will this be released?
No clue. It is too early to make a prediction at the moment. Your guess is as good as mine.
The reason why I am announcing this already is that although the current feature list is very long, I really want your feature suggestions just in case we've missed something useful.
Although we have there is GUI, it is so prone to change at this stage that pictures just wouldn't make sense at this point.
Any feature requests or questions about the project should be directed at me.
The better you describe your wish, the more likely it is that I will add it to RotPlan. Generally speaking; a short "one-liner" usually doesn't make it to the final product.  ;)