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"Perfect" ai installation
« on: February 01, 2014, 01:39:43 PM »
Firts of all thanks for every repaint, program and flighplan which you guys made freeware!

In the past I used woai which was awesome. However I recently started with p3dv2 and will start to build from ground up...

The base will be UT2 with the latest 2013 update. I have found the guide how to install in ut2 additional models and repaints.

I have found already really a lot of fsx native models faib / aardvark ( updated models ) " new " atr 72, utt. Also alot of repaints fsx "ready".

I will update these with the latest Fde found here V6 ( again many thanks)

My questions;
- textures needs to be dds? (Looking for best performance/looks.
- I downloaded the program here to check the textures, however with the untouched fresh installed UT2 I alteady had errors showing for missing texture in F70, but what is missing I don't know (there are the light textures and 1 other inside, 2 in total.) The base model from aarvark also has two.
- can I batch convert without problem my ai textures to dds? Would it be nesecary?
- do you have a sort of checklist or tips before installing?
- can I use a fs9 repaint on  a fsx native model, what to look for?
- this is a funny one; when I open the cfg i havecto choose a program ( in dutch called kladblok) . Can i leave it on this?

I know before i will have the ut2 deadelus replaced this will be a big job ( maybe impossible 100%) so thinking to replace some deadelus with a other generatic repaint...blank or else.

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