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AIG Dispatch Winter 2014-2015
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:09:46 PM »
Hopefully people will find this topic a good place to keep up-to-date with current AIG progress and any airlines that we have in planned or in beta.

Winter 2014-2015 - Dispatch File Status

Updated 05/04

ICAO      Airline name                                   Author         In Beta?      1 Green?      Ready?      Notes       
---Air Canada ExpressJoshua readytogoreadytogo--
---Bhutan AirlinesJohan readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AAYAllegiant AirJohan notready---
ACAAir CanadaJoshua readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AHYAZAL Azerbaijan AirlinesBrian readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AIEAir InuitCarlos notready---
AMFAmeriflightAllan readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AMXAeromexicoCarlos readytogo readytogo readytogoGroup
ANAAll Nippon AirwaysDaniel notready--Whole Group
ANEAir NostrumDaniel notready--
ANGAir NiuginiJoshua notready--+ Link PNG if data
ARGAerolineas ArgentinasCarlosnotready---
ASAAlaska AirlinesBen readytogo readytogo readytogoGroup
AVAAviancaCarlos notready--Group (as son as 787s are flying)
AVJAvia Traffic CompanyCarlos notready---
AZUAzul BrazilianDick readytogo readytogo readytogo-
BAWBritish Airways & CityflyerBen readytogo readytogo readytogo
BELBrussels AirlinesJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
BLXTuiFly NordicDennisreadytogo readytogo readytogo--
BOSOpen SkiesJohan notready---
BOVBolivianaCarlos notready--New 763s
BQBBQB Lineas AereasCarlos notready---
BRJBorajetRobert notready---
CLGChalair AviationJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
CRLCorsair InternationalCarlosnotready---
CYPCyprus AirwaysDimitri readytogo readytogo readytogo-
DAHAir AlgerieCarlosnotready---
DRKDruk AirJohan notready---
EAAAir BishkekCarlos notready---
ELLEstonian AirMarvin notready---
ELOEuroLOTJoshua notready---
ETDEtihad AirwaysDaniel notready---
ETDCEtihad CargoDaniel notready---
FDBflydubaiCarlos notready---
FHYFreebird AirlinesDimitri notready---
FJAFiji LinkCarlos notready--Pending repaints & DHT info
FJIFiji AirwaysCarlosreadytogoreadytogoreadytogoGroup release with Fiji Link
FJMFly Jamaica AirwaysCarlosnotready--New 763
FLIAtlantic AirwaysDennis readytogo readytogo readytogo--
FWIAir Caraïbes + AtlantiqueCarlos notready---
GUYAir Antilles ExpressCarlos notready--If good CH data is available
HERHex'AirJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
IAWIraqi AirwaysJoshua notready---
IBEIberiaDaniel notready---
IBSIberia ExpressDaniel notready---
JAFTUI Airlines Belgium (Jetairfly)Jean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
JBUJetBlueJohan readytogo readytogo readytogo-
JSTJetstar GroupDicknotready---
JTGJettimeDennis notready---
KGOKorongo AirlinesJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
KKKAtlasjetDimitri readytogo---
KZRAir AstanaCarlos notready---
KZUULS Airlines CargoRobert notready---
LAALibyanRobert notready--postponed due to EU ban and ongoing conflict
LANLANStevereadytogo readytogo readytogoGroup
LCBLC PeruCarlos notready---
LGLLuxairMarvin notready---
LIALIATCarlos notready---
LOTLOT Polish AirlinesJoshua readytogo readytogo readytogo-
LTUAir LituanicaMarvin notready---
LYNAir KyrgyzstanCarlos notready---
MOVVIM AirlinesBrian readytogo readytogo readytogo
MPECanadian NorthSteve Lewis readytogo readytogo readytogo-
MSREgyptairBrian notready--plus Express, Cargo, & Air Sinai
NAXNorwegianRobert readytogo readytogo readytogo-
NLHNorwegian Long HaulJohan notready---
OLSSOL Lineas AereasJohan notready---
PBDPobedaJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
PLMPullmantur AirCarlos notready--If good CH data is available
PLRNorthwestern AirJohan notready---
PNXAIS AirlinesMarvinnotready--Thanks for the packaging
PRIPrimera AirDennisreadytogo readytogo readytogo--
PVNPeruvian AirlinesCarlos notready---
REUAir AustralMarvin notready---
RGERegent AirwaysRobert notready---
RNANepal AirlinesBrian notready---
ROUAir Canada rougeJoshua readytogo readytogo readytogo-
RYRRyanairMosha notready---
SASSAS Scandinavian AirlinesDennis/Johan notready---
SCWMalmo AviationDennis readytogo readytogo readytogo--
SEJSpiceJetJoshua notready--On Hold due to current issues with airline
SKUSky AirlineSteve notready---
SPMAir Saint-PierreCarlos notready---
SRUStar PeruCarlosnotready---
SWGSunwing AirlinesFlorian readytogo readytogo--
TAMTAMSteve readytogo readytogo readytogoAnd TAM Paraguay
TAOAeromarDick readytogo readytogo readytogo-
THAThai AirwaysJohan notready--Inc Cargo
THDThai SmileJohan notready---
TJTTwin JetJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
TRATransaviaMarvin readytogo readytogo readytogo-
TSCAir TransatCarlos readytogo readytogo readytogoIf good CH Data
TSERaya AirwaysAllan notready---
TUITUIflyDimitri readytogo---
TVFTransavia FranceMarvin readytogo readytogo readytogo-
UAEEmiratesJohan notready---
UAECEmirates SkyCargoJohan notready---
UBDUnited AirwaysRobert notready--postponed until Summer
UPSUnited Parcel ServiceDaniel notready---
UZBUzbekistan AirwaysCarlos notready---
VIRVirgin AtlanticBrian notready--Would like to coordinate with Ben's Delta plans
VKGThomas Cook ScandinaviaDennis notready---
VLGVuelingJoshua notready---
VLMVLM AirlinesJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo readytogoThanks for the packaging
VSVSCAT AirlinesCarlos notready---
VVCViva ColombiaCarlos readytogo readytogo readytogo-
WZZWizz AirDennisnotready---
XLFXL Airways FranceMarvin readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AXBAir India ExpressStevereadytogo readytogo readytogo-
CJTCargojetStevereadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
BCSDHL Aviation EuropeDanielreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
VJCVietJet AirStevereadytogoreadytogo--
DALDelta AirlinesBen readytogo readytogo readytogo-
DALXDelta ConnectionBen readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AALAmerican AirlinesSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AALXAmerican EagleSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AWEUS AirwaysSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
AWEXUS Airways ExpressStevereadytogo readytogo readytogo-
VOIVolarisCarlosreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
KLMKLM Royal Dutch AirlinesSilvesterreadytogoreadytogoreadytogo-
VRDVirgin AmericaCarlosreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
QFAQantasDick readytogo readytogo readytogoGroup
AZAAlitaliaDickreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
CYLAlitalia CityLinerDickreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
AFRAir FranceBenreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
AFRCAir France CargoBenreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
BCYCityjetBenreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
HOPHOP!Benreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
CPACathay PacificJoshuareadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
CPACCathay Pacific CargoJoshuareadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
HDADragonairJoshuareadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
AHKAir Hong KongJoshuareadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
WJAWestjetJoshuareadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
MONMonarch AirlinesRobertreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
EINAer LingusRobertreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
STKAer Lingus RegionalRobertreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
ANZAir New ZealandJohanreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
NZMAir New Zealand LinkJohanreadytogoreadytogo readytogo-
SWASouthwest AirlinesSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
UALUnited AirlinesSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
UALXUnited ExpressSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
FFTFrontier AirlinesSteve readytogo readytogo readytogo-
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