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Eastern Airlines 2015
« on: May 31, 2015, 12:09:17 PM »
Hi to all and a big thank you to AIG for all the great work you do for the flight sim community.
 I am going paste an article:
From mid-April until May 4, the airline was busy completing proving runs that are required by the FAA in order to get its Part 121 Air Carrier Operating Certificate from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  which it was awarded last week. The airline conducted proving runs to various airports including: Colorado Springs, Columbus (the birthplace of Eddie Rickenbacker), Dallas Love Field, Islip, San Antonio, San Juan, and Santo Domingo.

The airline was also granted foreign charter authority by the U.S. DOT last week.
Flight Crew Classes and Graduates

EAL flight attendant uniforms in the headquarters

The first pilot class was made up of nine, and they graduated back in February. Meanwhile, the second class is made up of ten pilots, and they will be in the sims next week; the second class is on track to graduate by June 15.

The first class of flight attendants graduated back in February, and the second class of forty graduated on May 13 when the airline received its Part 121 from the FAA. One of the new hire flight attendants is an original Eastern Air Lines FA.

Easternâ??s second 737-800 is due to arrive on property my mid-to-late June. Its third and fourth 737-800s will be brand new from a leasing company.

By September, Eastern plans to receive its fifth airplane which will be a 737-700. The airline plans to use this aircraft for sports charters beginning with â??The Florida Panthersâ? NHL team.

MRJ model in the headquarters

The ten 737MAX aircraft it has purchase rights for will begin being delivered by the end of 2022.

â??We have twenty MRJâ??s on order which are due to arrive in 2019. It has the low seat mile costs of a 737-800 in a ninety seat aircraft. We can put them into secondary markets and places like Bahamas and Jamaica for nonstop lift from secondary markets. I wish I had them today,â? Wegel says.

Some aircraft will be all economy while others will be mixed cabins as it will depend on the charter customers requirements.
EAL to Inaugurate Flying Next Week

Eastern has signed an agreement to support HavanaAirâ??s charter operations to Cuba in and out of Miami, by Wednesday of next week.

Eastern will operate twice daily service to Havana and weekly service to Camaguey and Santa Clara. Additionally, Eastern will support HavanaAirâ??s existing operations to Cuba with some 65 flights monthly.The-Spirit-of-Eddie-Rickenbacker

A Boeing 737-800 (Next Generation) aircraft with 16 First Class seats and 129 Coach seats in the main cabin on all flights to Cuba.

â??We are very pleased to partner with Eastern Air Lines.  Eastern earned iconic status in the U.S. airline industry for decades and we are both honored and privileged to partner with their highly experienced management.  Our partnership with Eastern will provide an entirely new level of service to Cuba with their Next Generation Boeing aircraft and their commitment to excellent customer service.â? said Mark Elias, President and COO of HavanaAir Charters.

â??We are excited to partner with HavanaAir Charters. Eastern was formerly the largest provider of air seats in the Cuba market, and with this agreement, Eastern will once again provide more seats to Cuba than any other U.S. carrier.  Cuba is and always will be a very important market for Eastern as we grow our airline and we look forward to proving service from additional U.S. gateways along with our home airport of Miami Internationalâ?, said Wegel in a press release.

The two airlines plan to also launch service from other U.S. gateways within 60 days.

Next Saturday, the airline will fly sixty American Military veterants on a special Honor flight from Miami to Washington DCA airport.
Looking Into the Future

When Wegel was asked where he sees Eastern one year from now, he replied: â??We will always have a charter division, but we will begin to move into schedule operations in 12 months. This will happen once we conclude another round of equity raising.â?IMG_2937

Wegel declined to disclose further details on scheduled operations such where Eastern may serve or the business model they will adopt; however, he did say that â??We are not an LCC. We have the benefits of a legacy airline brand with new entrant costs.â?IMG_2940

EXTRA: Eastern Air Lines Returns Home to Miami

EXTRA: Flashback Friday; The History of Eastern Air Lines

EXTRA: Q&A with Eastern Air Lines CEO Ed Wege

The question is: With the current flight plans on AVSIM and only one plane, how is Eastern operating to Cuba.? I have read another article they do have a second 737-800 from TUI I think it was. An overseas company, anyways.
Thank you to all the great guys that work so hard.
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Re: Eastern Airlines 2015
« Reply #1 on: May 31, 2015, 12:20:42 PM »
I will collect some data next week so we have a proper flightplan

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Re: Eastern Airlines 2015
« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2015, 04:48:08 PM »
The Eastern 737 was at MIA during my stay there presumably operating the flights to Cuba.
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Re: Eastern Airlines 2015
« Reply #3 on: May 31, 2015, 04:50:24 PM »
Yes she flies two MIA-HAV-MIA rotations today.