Author Topic: Want to -Selectively- nuke your FS set-up?  (Read 583 times)

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Want to -Selectively- nuke your FS set-up?
« on: July 02, 2008, 05:16:09 AM »
Hey guys,

Jay here, and I'm writing this as I guide myself through a long and windy process to oust old FSPainter models, 2005 flightplans, and a plain old messy set up without touching the cleaner Alpha-India CAT (Custom AI Traffic) three doors down.   It seems impossible at first, but trust me, it isn't.  I'm learning the ropes of having a 50/50 WOAI/CAT setup and why it's more effective to have a 100/0 either way.  I'm personally in favour of the CAT setup, just because it's easier to maintain without an installer.

So if you're a newcomer and your system looks like it's about to take a dump all over your desk (or it already has), don't bother calling the clean-up crew.  Put on a pair of imaginary gloves and check out what's up on my list of things to do.

I've got a WOAI-heavy, Custom-AI littered, MAIW/UGA/whateverthehellelse scattered about set-up and boy is it looking wrecked by now.  If yours is looking the same, then I suggest going through this guide yourself!

Step One: Check the number and Prefixes of your traffic.bgl files.  1A: Check the years at the end of the name, if they're there.

I had 300-some airlines installed not long ago, as I stated in an addiction thread..  When I wiped 'a few' off the map, I was down to 278.  Not good enough to make my set up look nice, here I am, nuking my WOAI setup from god-knows-when and taking it on by hand.  Some, unfortunately, date back to 2005.  Not up to date, by my book.  And many rego's are long since parked, have been stripped of entire segments to make them LOOK like aircraft.

Step Two: for me    Head into Expert Mode in the WOAI Installer.


This is a little bit of a pain, but once it's done you'll be thankful.*  So head into the Expert Mode, and a list will come up with all airlines you've installed via WOAI, and if you haven't done anything to the WOAI folders, then you can just hit the "Remove packages" button and nuke your WOAI system like that.  Whoops.  That was quick.   redlight redlight redlight


Have you made your backup of your WOAI set-up?  Awesome!  Let's get down to business.  Open up Word, or Excel, or whatever you may prefer to make a Master List of what you see.  Sadly, we cannot simply copy what we see to Excel and be over and done with.  All I did was organize the WOAI Expert Mode by FP Year, then created a Word document, and made a List, like Such.  oh, and you don't have to downright nuke your WOAI setup.

Winter '05

Summer '06

And it went on.  It took a while, but once it was done, it made the next step amazingly easy.

Step Three: Decide Which Airlines You Want to Update When.

Priorities are our number one priority.  Don't you hate sentences like that?  So when airlines you LOVE are on lists like the one you just created, and you JUST noticed it, don't worry about it.  Use MS Word's "Highlight" tool and pick your three favorite colors (I used red/yellow/green) to decide how badly each airline needs an update, or if it could just get caught in the blast radius of our nuclear bomb.

For example, my Federal Express has not been updated since 2006.  It has Winter 2005 flightplans, ex-UA Worldwide Cargo DC-10-10s still flying, and does not have TFS birds inplemented yet.  Nor does it have the new Arial text on ANY aircraft.  Amazing.  It's #1 on my list of things to do, followed by UA, which leaves DL and NW on my to-get-to list.  In my case, FDX and UA are both colored red.  DL and NW are still un-merged somehow...If I idle too long before I update them that will change, but for now they're yellow.  Where would that leave British Airways?  They still haven't even been touched since Summer 2007!!  ..I'll leave them yellow   as well, since I can get to other things before BA.

Step Four: Pull The Plug On YOUR mark

Now you're ready to get rid of your WOAI stuff if you want.  Since it's been backed up (successfully?) and you have created a Master List of what goes when, you can do several things.  Here's your options, in my opinion.

1.  Nuke it all!  Clear out WOAI completely and upgrade all the stuff you HAVE TO first, then get to what you can later.
2. Delete the airlines as you go.  Remember: It's YOUR setup and though YOU built it, you may be triggering domino effects in your head.  "If I fly here, do I want these airlines?  Well that means I need that airline, and that model, but there's no repaint, and that repaint has a crappy model to it.."
3. Download the flightplans you desire to use for the upgrade and any new repaints/models, then if you have any repaints from WOAI, move them to new folders and rename the [fltsim.X] titles.  Then, when the airline has been updated, clear the airline from WOAI.

Concluding words of advice: I went with option 3 when I accidentally clicked "Delete packages" instead of "Delete airline" back in '06, and found that WOAI's installer gave me a bit of grief when existing packages were updated.  Also, Option 1 is a very dangerous choice if you fly a lot.  You will CLEAR THE SKIES with FEW CLICKS if you get careless.  Choose wisely - but congratulations.  Your WOAI/CAT setup is good to go, 100% CAT!

- Jay

Oh yeah, just for good measure.


*P.S.   Thanks George.
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Re: Want to -Selectively- nuke your FS set-up?
« Reply #1 on: July 02, 2008, 08:23:56 AM »
I was going through - and am still doing - this process (updating very old AI stuff - some dating back years ago from the PAI libraries). But I noticed the WOAI installer works fine with my setup as the WOAIDATA file contains all the information about the installed stuff in a "human readable" format. It is easy to add your new AI stuff to this file and it will even work perfectly when you use the Expert Mode to see which airports will be visited. Best thing about it: if you want to get rid of something just click Delete Airline and the installer will do the rest for you. Clearing entries, deleting textures and traffic file. (I really hate to go through a cfg file searching for all the entries that need to be removed >:( ) Want to know how the WOAIDATA file works? This is an example of the latest addition I made to my file (Meelad Air files by Billy Rutherford at avsim):

Meelad Air|0.5|Summer 2008|AIA MD8X|BR|BR||WoA_AIA_MD_8X_SD%AIA MD-83 Meelad Air OE-LMH#WoA_AIA_MD_8X_SD%AIA MD-83 Meelad Air OE-LMM|\Traffic_Meelad_Air_Su08.bgl

It is pretty easy analized (the character "|" is used to separate the fields as shown in the Expert Mode table):
Meelad Air - airline
0.5 - version (I use 0.5 for all manual added plans)
Summer 2008 - period
AIA MD8X - models used
BR - Repainter (I am lazy an use abbreviations  ;) )
BR - FPs by
(the next field is the field for remarks I left empty)
WoA_AIA_MD_8X_SD - aircraft folder name followed by the character "%"
AIA MD-83 Meelad Air OE-LMH - title in the aircraft.cfg file (if there are more arcrafts to add place the "#" sign now)
WoA_AIA_MD_8X_SD%AIA MD-83 Meelad Air OE-LMM - same as mentioned above for the second aircraft
\Traffic_Meelad_Air_Su08.bgl - traffic file

It works fine with me but may mess up your system. In the WoAI forums they always warn you not to touch this file - so do I. As said: works fine with me ;)

But if you do decide to touch it here are some remarks:
- Make sure you have an empty line at the end of your file before installing new official packages (just hit the ENTER key at the end of the last line you added). If you hit the ENTER key twice and installed new packs you will find an empty line in the Expert Mode.
- I have not checked if the order is an important point. So I add the lines to the file as I add the entries to the aircraft.cfg.
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