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AIG Summer 2018 Dispatch List
« on: April 23, 2018, 11:54:47 PM »
Summer 2018 - Dispatch File Status

Updated 21/10/2018

ICAO      Airline name                                   Author         In Beta?      Ready?      Notes       
AAFAigle AzurDimitri readytogo readytogo-
AALAmerican Airlines + EagleBen readytogo readytogoSampled week 23-29 July
AAYAllegiant AirwaysChris readytogo readytogo-
ABQAirblueChris readytogo readytogo-
ABYAir ArabiaJohan readytogo readytogo+Group
AEEAegean AirlinesDimitri readytogo readytogoincl. Olympc Air
AFGAriana Afghan AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
AFLAeroflotChris readytogo readytogoGroup
AFRAir FranceBen+Silvester readytogo-Group
AICAir IndiaChris readytogo readytogoGroup
AMCAir MaltaChris readytogo readytogo-
AMXAeromexicoWolfgang readytogo readytogoGroup
ANAAll Nippon AirwaysChris readytogo readytogoGroup
ARUAruba AirlinesWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
ASAAlaska AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo+Horizon (+fromer Virgin)
ASLAir SerbiaDimitri readytogo readytogo-
AUIUkraine Intl.Florian readytogoreadytogoweek 25 (18-24JUN)
AULNordaviaChris readytogo readytogo-
AVNAir VanuatuDick readytogo readytogo-
AZIAstra AirlinesDimitri readytogo readytogo-
BAWBritish Airways + CityflyerBen readytogo-Sampled week 23-29 July
BBGBlue Bird AirwaysWolfgangreadytogo readytogo
BEEFlybeWolfgang readytogo --
BGHBH AirFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 30 (23-29JUL)
BLXTUIfly NordicFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 24 (11-17JUN)
BMSBlue AirDimitri readytogo readytogo-
BRHBid Air CargoChris readytogo readytogo-
BRXBraathens Regional AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
BTIAir BalticFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 25 (18-24JUN)
BTNBhutan AirlinesJohan readytogo readytogo -
BUCBulgarian Air CharterFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 30 (23-29JUL)
BWACaribbean AirlinesWolfgang readytogo readytogo+ LIAT
CCAAir ChinaChris readytogo-Group - waiting for A350 delivery
CCMAir CorsicaDimitri readytogo readytogo-
CFGCondorWolfgang readytogo --
CGZColorful Guizhou AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
CJTCargojetAllan readytogo readytogo-
CQHSpring AirlinesChrisreadytogo readytogo+Japan
CRLCorsairDimitri readytogo readytogo-
CSACSA Czech AirlinesChris readytogo readytogoalong with Travel Service
CSCSichuan AirlinesChris readytogo-+Chengdu - waiting for A350 delivery
CTNCroatia AirlinesWolfgang readytogo --
CUKNew Central AirserviceJohanreadytogo readytogo
CYFTus AirwayspWolfgangreadytogo readytogo
CYPCyprus AirwaysWolfgangreadytogo readytogo
DALDelta Air Lines + ConnectionBen readytogo readytogoSampled week 23-29 July
DAHAir AlgerieDimitri readytogo readytogo-
DANDana AirChris readytogo readytogo-
DJTLa CmpagnieWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
DLHLufthansaChris/Wolfgang/Florian readytogo readytogoentire Group
DRKDruk AirJohan readytogo readytogo-
ELBEllinairDimitri readytogo readytogo-
ELYEl Al Israel AirlinesFlorian readytogo readytogotogether with AIZ+ISR week 31 or 32
ERNErnestWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
ETHEthiopian AirlinesChris readytogo readytogoGroup
ETDEtihad AirwaysBen+Wolfgang readytogo-Group
EWGEurowingsFlorian readytogo readytogoGroup week 29 (16-22JUL) release with LH group
EZYEasyjetChris readytogo readytogoGroup
FBDFlyBondiJohan Creadytogo readytogo-
FCBCobalt AirWolfgang Maierreadytogo readytogo-
FDAFuji Dream AirlinesChrisreadytogo readytogo-
FFTFrontier AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
FIAFlyOneFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 24 (11-17JUN) delayed till July
FINFinnairWolfgang readytogo-Group
FLIAtlantic AirwaysDennis notready--
FXIAir Iceland ConnectJohan notready--
GMIGermaniaFlorian readytogo readytogoGroup week 30 (23-29JUL)
GRLAir GreenlandJohan readytogo readytogo-
HALHawaiian AirlinesDick readytogo readytogo+Ohana
HVNVietnam AirlinesChris readytogo readytogoGroup
HXAChina Express AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
IAEIrAeroWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
IBEIberiaChris readytogo-Group
ICEIcelandairJohan readytogo readytogo-
IGASky Taxi - IG AvionDimitri readytogo readytogo-
JAFTUI fly BelgiumJean-Philippe readytogo readytogo-
JALJapan AirlinesChris readytogo readytogoGroup
JBUjetBlueWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
JTGJettimeDennisreadytogo readytogo
JZRJazeera AirwaysChris readytogo readytogo-
KLMKLMSilvester readytogoreadytogoIncl KLC, week 30 (23-29JUL)
KMFKam AirChris readytogo readytogo-
KZRAir AstanaChris readytogo --
LBTNouvelairDimitri readytogo readytogo-
LCTTAR AerolineasChris readytogo readytogo-
LDMLaudamotionFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 29 (16-22JUL)
LGLLuxairDimitri readytogo readytogo-
LLCSmall Planet AirlinesFlorian readytogo readytogoGroup week 28 (09-15JUL)
LLMYamal AirlinesWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
LOGLoganairWolfgang readytogo--
LOTLOT Polish AirlinesWolfgang readytogo-incl. Nordica
LZBBulgaria AirFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 30 (23-29JUL), +Bul Air (BVL)
MAUAir MauritiusSilvester readytogo readytogoweek 22 (28MAY-03JUN)
MEAMEA Middle East AirlinesDimitri readytogo readytogo-
MGXMontenegro AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
MLDAir MoldovaFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 24 (11-17JUN) delayed till July
MSREgyptairWolfgang readytogo readytogoGroup
MUTAzimuthChris readytogo readytogo-
NAXNorwegianJohan Creadytogo readytogoGroup
NCANippon Cargo AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
NKSSpirit AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
NLAPenAirChrisreadytogo readytogoalong with ASA
NOSNeos AirlinesFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 27 (02-08JUL)
NPTWest Atlantic UKJohan N readytogo readytogoWest Atlantic Group
NVRNovairDimitri readytogo readytogo-
OMAOman AirSilvester readytogo readytogo-
PAOSamoa AirwaysWolfgangreadytogo readytogo-
PIAPakistan Intl AirlinesBenreadytogo --
PLMWamos AirWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
PUEPlus UltraWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
POEPorter AirlinesJohan Creadytogo readytogo-
QDAQingdao AirlinesChrisreadytogo readytogo-
QTRQatar AirwaysBen readytogo-+ Cargo
RGERegent AirwaysWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
RJARoyal JordanianBen readytogo--
RLURuslineWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
RNANepal AirlinesChris readytogo--
RONNauru AirlinesDick readytogo readytogo-
ROTTaromDimitri readytogo readytogo-
RZOAzores AirlinesWolfgang readytogo readytogo+SATA
RXARegional ExpressDick readytogo readytogo-
RYRRyanairChris readytogo readytogoalong with Sun and Laudamotion
RWZRed Wings AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
SASSASJohan + Dennis readytogo readytogo+ SAS Ireland
SAYSky Gates AirlinesJohan readytogo readytogo-
SBIS7 AirlinesFlorianreadytogo readytogoweek 26 (25JUN-01JUL)
SCXSunCountry AirlinesChris notready --
SEHSky ExpressDimitri readytogo readytogo-
SEPSerene AirChris readytogo readytogo-
SFJStarFlyerChrisreadytogo readytogo-
SLMSurinam AirwaysFlorianreadytogo readytogoalong with TUI Netherlands
SVRUral AirlinesWolfgang notready-cancelled
SWASouthwestBen + Chris readytogo readytogo-
SWNWest Air SwedenJohan N readytogo readytogoWest Atlantic Group
SSFSeverstalWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
SUSSun Air of Scandinavia Johan Clausen readytogo readytogo-
TARTunisairDimitri readytogoreadytogoincl Tunisair Express
TBATibet AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo-
TDRTrade AirWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
TGZGeorgian AirwaysChris readytogo readytogo+Aircompany Armenia
THYTurkish AirlinesChris readytogo readytogo+Cargo
TOMTUI Airlines UKFlorian readytogo --
TRATransaviaWolfgang readytogo-Group
TRJTrujetChris readytogo readytogo-
TUITUIflyFlorian readytogo readytogoweek 30 (23-29JUL)
TVSTravel ServiceFlorian readytogo readytogoGroup week 27 (02-08JUL)
TYANordStarWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
UAEEmiratesJohan notready-+ SkyCargo
UALUnited Airlines + ExpressBen readytogo readytogoSampled week 23-29 July
UBGUS-Bangla AirlinesWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
UTAUTairChris readytogo readytogo-
UVTUVT  AeroWolfgang readytogo readytogo-
VBWAir BurkinaChris readytogo readytogo-
VKGThomas Cook ScandinaviaWolfgang readytogo--
VLGVuelingChris readytogo --
VIRVirgin AtlanticJohan readytogo readytogo-
VOEVoloteaDimitrireadytogo readytogo-
VTIVistaraChrisreadytogo readytogo-
WANWatanya AirwaysChris readytogo readytogo-
WIFWideroeJohan readytogo readytogo-
WRCWindrose AirlinesFlorian readytogoreadytogoweek 24 (11-17JUN)
WZZWizz AirFlorian/Chris readytogo readytogo+UK
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