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Donations for Alpha India Group "Siteground hosting 2017/18"

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To all registered visitors and members of the Alpha India Group :

Once again it is time that we begin to look forward and prepare to pay for our Siteground hosting service due in two weeks.   The number of members and visitors to the site has grown substantially over the years to a point in which we had to upgrade our hosting service from a "dedicated hosting server" to a "business cloud" account to cope with the amount of bandwidth that we consume per month.   We have also utilized > 90% of our allotted disk space so the plan is to upgrade that prior to renewal - additional upper ($) to our hosting.   With that said we are asking that if you can afford to donate "any amount" to the hosting of the site please send a PayPal payment to AlphaIndiaGroupAIG[at]gmail[dot]com or go to the home page of Alpha India Group  and click the "DONATE" button on the upper right.   Your donation will be used to help keep Alpha India Group around another six months.

Happy Holidays and thank you to everyone, not only here at the Alpha India Group, but to all the sites and groups who provide enhancements to the hobby that we all love.   ::cheers::

A proud member of Alpha India Group


Despite it being a small donation: done! ::cheers::


--- Quote from: Frontier on December 10, 2017, 09:01:52 PM ---Despite it being a small donation: done! ::cheers::

--- End quote ---
Any amount will help! Even a single penny will help :)

Mark Fox:

--- Quote from: Dimon on December 10, 2017, 05:53:02 PM ---Done

--- End quote ---


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