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2 Things
« on: March 27, 2018, 02:49:13 AM »
Hi All,

1. Im not sure what ive done wrong but all my Airbus A350's have a dark tinge to the top side. Happens on all of my FSPXAI A350 paints that i have downloaded. Just wondering what i have done wrong?

2. The ATC "aircraft" pictured in the photo, the radio freq works fine for the first 5-10m then it stops working. The AI still flys in and out but have no radio traffic at all. It did this in FSX but came right by its self after about 30m, but it doesnt come back in P3DV4.1 or 4.2 (Which im currently using). I also use edit voicepack and have updated it to the latest version. Anyone have any ideas as to why it stops?

I will attach both files

Many thanks