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Started by Kaiii3, December 14, 2018, 01:46:32 PM

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AIM v0.8.3.1 is available now  readytogo

  • major bugfix
  • reactivated backup of cfg files


AIM v0.8.3.2 is available now  readytogo

  • bugfix

We hope the bug is finally fixed now


AIM v0.8.3.3 is available now  readytogo

  • bugfix: for improved repaint installation


AIM v0.8.3.4 is available now  readytogo

  • Major bugfix: removing flightplans

There was a major bug when removing flightplans containing the same title multiple times: (Replacement/Substitute).
We are plannig to implement a repair function into the upcoming AIM version.
Pls do NOT remove the backup files in the aircraft folders in the meantime (


AIM v0.8.3.5 is available now  readytogo

  • Major bugfix: removing flightplans

After restarting AIM check your "missing.txt" file in the AIM folder for entries starting with "AIGAIM_*
Pls reinstall the flightplans corresponding to the aircraft listed there.
To do so please delete the flightplans (keep the paints), click "check online" and install the flightplans again.

Except the following titles, which have no repaint assigned:

All user:
AIGAIM_Air Caledonie ATR 72-600 - F-OZIP
AIGAIM_Air Caledonie ATR 72-600 - F-OZLI
AIGAIM_Air Caledonie ATR 72-500 - F-OIPS
AIGAIM_Air Caledonie International De Havilland DHC 6-300 Twin Otter - OC
AIGAIM_IrAero Antonov An-24
AIGAIM_IrAero Antonov An-24 - RA-47821
AIGAIM_IrAero Antonov An-24 - RA-46505
AIGAIM_IrAero Antonov An-24 - RA-08824
AIGAIM_Kam Air McDonnell Douglas MD-83
AIGAIM_Kam Air McDonnell Douglas MD-87
AIGAIM_RAF-Avia Saab 340 - YL-RAG
AIGAIM_RAF-Avia Saab 340 - YL-RAE

Freeware user:
AIGAIM_IrAero Boeing 777-200ER
AIGAIM_Kam Air Airbus A340-300
AIGAIM_Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1000
AIGAIM_Tibet Airlines Airbus A330-200 - 242t


AIM v0.8.3.6 is available now  readytogo

  • Stockairport list moved to Server - AIM will download the file on startup


AIM v0.8.3.7 is available now  readytogo

  • Startup bugfix


AIM v0.8.3.8 is available now  readytogo

  • Bugfix: Force model update function

added support for FSP 777 Stage 4_01
Settings --> Force model update (give it a little time the function does not have an UI yet)  :)


AIM v0.8.3.9 is available now  readytogo

  • Bug fix: Duplicates with TEMP repaints


AIM v0.8.3.10 is available now  readytogo

  • Disabled Repair function


AIM v0.8.3.11 is available now  readytogo

  • Repair function enabled -> set to use AIGAIM titles only
  • Startup improvement

IMPORTANT: when you use the repair function pls check your Log_AIManager.txt files for the titles detected before proceeding.
If something appears you don't want to be fixed by AIM, pls kill AIManger using TaskManager and report in a new topic.


AIM v0.8.3.12 is available now  readytogo

  • some bugfixes
  • multithreading enabled again to improve startup performance


AIM v0.8.3.13 is available now  readytogo

  • Bugfix: possible packing issue


AIM v0.8.3.14 is available now  readytogo

  • a few bugfixes


AIM v0.8.3.15 is available now  readytogo

  • Bugfix Wingspan set to integer values (ft) -> Pls run "Update cfg" in OCI settings menu