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Bug Report? Pls attache log files!!! | How? --> ClickMe!
« on: December 14, 2018, 07:45:36 PM »
In case you have problem with AIG AI Manager please post a bug report here and attach the log files to your report, having the log files directly with your report will help us to track down the problem, and provide you an answer as soon as possible :)

The Log files are named "Log_***.txt". They are located in the same directory as your "AIGTech - AI Manager.exe".

To attach the files press "Attachements and other options" in the reply window. Select the file(s).
A click on "more attachements" allows you to add mutiple files. (see screenshot below)
Alternatively you can put all log files in a zip archive and post that one.

Attention: The log files are reseted on every startup of AIM. So if you run into a bug, pls save the log files before you restart AIM.
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