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Wow and a couple of questions
« on: June 21, 2019, 10:30:05 PM »

first off: Wow! I just recently got into P3D after starting out in X-Plane. While I enjoy X-Plane I was looking for in depth airliners. Having used World Traffic 3 in X-Plane, I tried, but quickly refunded payware AI Traffic options for P3D. I had almost given up on any AI traffic, but the default, when I stumbled upon this site.

I gave it a try and, boy, am I glad I did. While payware and default option, did not work with payware airports such as OTHH, they came alive with AIG. I love the ATC chatter in the background of busy airports such as EDDF and others. The modles are superb as well. The OCI system is awesome as well. Really great job, thank you for your hard work.

Now to my questions. I got myself Editvoicepacks XL and was able to add many callsigns and fix up the default ATC, but am still missing some callsigns. My question is, if I were to back up my simobject folder in the main p3dv4 folder and copy the Simobject folder from AIGAIM - OCI into the p3dv4 folder(at the correct location of course) would Editvoicepacks be able to report which callsigns are missing?

Second, departibe EDDF I am transferred the Landen and after that to just Center. Is this normal or is there a name missing there?

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