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« on: September 04, 2019, 06:09:01 PM »
HI everybody

 I'm back with few news, i lost all my work on cessna sovereign on PC Crash 1 year ago but !! i'll be back with few models as project for fs9 and fsx later, sovereign and all the cessna family (latitude, excel,sovereign and sovereign+) also the comac ARJ21 and to begin and perform on gmax, my first will be the little czech sport aircraft ps28 cruiser, modeling is finish, paintkit 80% finish,i work on animation, (proper, gear, aileron, and flaps) but i have a problem on flap, they don't work on fs9 with all animation tag i try.. any idea ?


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Re: Models
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This is great news!

Sorry I don't have the answer but maybe ask in the modeling section. Maybe PM Ken Carson (delta72) who just finished the Challenger 300/350 and has it working in that model.

edit.. see you already posted in the modeling section!

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