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planes not showing up.
« on: September 21, 2019, 06:39:26 PM »
It seems to be me..but I downloaded the FSPXAI A320 and its for fsx..I used the Frontier "Kyles" repaints. (which are stunning) but I seem to have issues with FAIB planes showing up at the gate. My workaround has been using Flai (which use FAIB and they show up. So I have to be doing something wrong?

I did install the texture files in FSX.. where could I look. They show up with ai aircraft editor and also in mcx under the model's mdl but nothing at the gate.

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Update..not sure why but if I use the Flai airplanes and install the paints and flt sim cfgs..they all show up but when i use just a faib or the fspxai a320 that I just bought..nothing shows up. Anyway..I got Frontier installed in FSX..whew and everything is loverly.
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