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I return back to flightsim and AI


I have deside to return back to Flightsim and Ai after about 6 month away from this amazing hobby. I orderd a new computer and monitor earliger today. So i am up an runing in about one week from now :yeah:

great and thanks to OCI you will have your AI in just a few hours ready ;)

I know that Kiii3. With my 60mbit fiber internett conection my Ai is instaled in about 4 hours i think ::happy::

I need to look into OCI to finish off my rebuild that has stalled.  The sim and scenery are installed and all I need is the AI, and the desire to do it.  But after work and 8+ hours of working on a PC, turning on my laptop is the last thing I usually want to do when I get home.

Welcome back! the AI world is the best part of flying simulation in my view!



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