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AIG Summer 2020 Dispatch List
« on: June 17, 2020, 02:32:16 PM »
Summer 2020 - Dispatch File Status


Updated 19/06/2020

ICAO      Airline name                                   Author         In Beta      Released      Notes       
AAHAloha Air CargoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
ABXABX AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
ACOAir Choice OneWolfgang---
ADBAntonov AirlinesWolfgang---
ADNAerodienst/ADAC LuftrettungFlorian---
AMBDRF LuftrettungWolfgang---
AMZAmazon Prime AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
ATNAir Transport InternationalAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
AYYAir Alliance ExpressFlorian---
AZGSilk WayWolfgang--Group
AZSAviacon ZitotransWolfgang--if possible
BOXAerologicFlorian--notready - delayed
BTQBoutique AirWolfgang---
CKSKalitta AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
CLXCargoluxWolfgang--Group after restart of Africa ops
CSB21 AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
DAEDHL Aero ExpresoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
FDXFedEx ExpressAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
FLEFlair AirlinesAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
FRFFleet Air InternationalWolfgang---
GELGeo SkyWolfgang---
GPDTradewind AviationWolfgang--after restart of operations
GTIAtlas AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
IFAFAI Rent-a-JetFlorian---
JAFTUI fly BelgiumJean-Philippe---
JEIJet Executive Intl CharterFlorian---
KIIKalitta Charters IIAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
MAAMas Air CargoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
MLTMaleth AeroWolfgang--when all A346 are in use
MTLRAF AviaWolfgang---
NACNorthern Air CargoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
PACPolar Air CargoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
PVVFly ProWolfgang---
QAJQuick Air Jet CharterFlorian---
RDARada AirlinesWolfgang---
RSBRubystar AirwaysWolfgang--incl. An 12 and Il 76
SAYSky Gates AirlinesWolfgang---
SEVSerair Transworld PressWolfgang---
SMFSan Marino Exec. AviationWolfgang---
SOOSouthern AirAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
SOWPink SparrowFlorian---
SWQiAero Airways CargoAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
TVRTerra AviaWolfgang---
UKLUkraine Air AllianceWolfgang---
UPSUPS AirlinesAllanreadytogoreadytogo-
VKAVulkan AirWolfgang--if possible
VVAEleron AviationWolfgang---
WZZWizz AirFlorian-- notready CX due to bad data, maybe another try in SEP
ZAVZetaviaWolfgang--if possible
---Hevilift AustraliaWolfgang--fixed wing operations only
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