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Re: If you bought MSFS 2020 Standard
« Reply #60 on: August 22, 2020, 10:15:33 AM »
My availability is at about 18Mbit/s which transfers around 8GB/hr at maximum. WiFi depends on distance between router and PC, but is only a little slower than LAN cable, in my case.
The point is, I purchased Premium Deluxe at MS Store and download amount was never exceeding 6GB/hr. So, MS delivered less in an hour than my internet provider could have sent to me.
A very good advice for simmers with low broadband is, to make backups of downloaded files during the download process. I downloaded to C:\ and created a backup folder on D:\ to where I - from time to time - copied the already downloaded *.CAB style files and already decompiled folders. Later this backup will go to an external HDD. There is a single folder containing a whopping 56GB (fs-base-cgl-*), separated into 31 single chunks of each around a little less than 2GB plus 6 small files, which will be decompiled and deleted one after another after decompiling. That means, if - lets say - file 30 is corrupted and cannot be decompiled, the simmer would have to download the previous 29 files plus this corrupted file once again. By copying already downloaded chunks, they can be restored to the corresponding folder from the backup directory, only the corrupted file needs to be downloaded again, and MSFS should find the files after a restart. For me, everything went well, btw.
Premium Deluxe is a download of about 101GB, requiring 127GB of free space. The 56GB-package needed about 5 minutes to decompile. The full download including decompiling processes - no other files are being downloaded during decompiling - took 20 hours.