Author Topic: Copy ATC soundset from one PC to another - EditVoicePack does not recognise it  (Read 140 times)

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I have two installations of P3D on two different PCs.

One of them is "current", i.e. it has all the callsigns I want, many added manually through EditVoicePack. As I don't want to re-do the whole work, I have simply copied my entire "ATC" folder from one computer to the other. However, when I open EVP on that second computer, it does not "read" that new file, but an older one. As if it had some secret database somewhere that it uses instead of reading the files in the ATC folder.

Can someone tell me how I can copy ATC soundfiles from one PC to the other and back *and* use EVP on each one of them?

For information, the following files are in my ATC folder:

ASOS subfolder

I have zero clue what each one of these files does. And having the same file in the ATC folder and once again in the ASOS subfolder - looks fishy, but I have no idea which one is redundant.