Author Topic: AI Manager (One-Click-Installer) for MSFS  (Read 1562 times)

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AI Manager (One-Click-Installer) for MSFS
« on: October 10, 2020, 03:46:57 PM »
There has been no official statement regarding AIM/OCI for MSFS yet, time to change that :)

Yes there will be an Update for AI Manager and OCI to support MSFS in the future, BUT it is still a long way to go. We could provide a 50% solution within some weeks/months that might work (could cuase CTDs and missing stuff), but our goal is to bring you 100% on day one. This means a longer waiting time for you, more work for use but in the end we will have a fully working OCI Setup like we have now in P3D.

Features that will be included (OCI only):
  • Fully automatic installation/update of models, repaints, flightplans
  • Use of new Models and Repaints when possible
  • Use of FSX Models and Repaints when no MSFS native paints are online
  • Support for offline and online AI with the same setup

Features that might be included (OCI only and depending on MSFS updates):
  • AIGFP support
  • AI Helicopter

We have not yet any timeframe for the development, at the moment we still collecting basic information on what is possible in the new Sim and what files we can use. What is sure: We are not talking about weeks or a few months, more like  year or so. As soon as we have more news I will update the post, for now please be patient and give us the time we need.