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Cargo Flightplans listed as such in AIM

Started by jabloomf1230, November 09, 2020, 11:29:24 PM

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Would it be possible to have the cargo flightplans listed as such in AIM? Thanks.


No. Sadly. Will require a lot of work to both plans, database and a lot more to do. So it's not going to happen.

Johan Clausen


Hi I am new on AIM  run p3dv5.1 windows pro 64bit  downloaded and installed AIM AI Manager  opening it I can as per tutorial the listed airlines, as test I installed EK.  But how do I get their timetable as when following the tutorial I have two options, load locally a zip file or load online, but the button as mentioned in the tutorial install I can not find. Or are the flightplans loaded when an airline has been chosen and installed ?


 Sorry, I'm not really sure what you are looking for. Do you just want to view the timetable for Emirates that you already have installed?