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Install by Region, Filter Online Flight Plans by Most Recently Added

Started by Alaskan Flyboy, February 21, 2021, 06:43:26 PM

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Alaskan Flyboy

I have a couple of features I would love to have in the AIG AI Manager.

The first would the ability to add airlines by region. Currently, I must click on each airline and view the maps to see if they fly in the countries I typically fly through. If there was a way to tell the program I want to install all aircraft that have destinations in a specific country or continent, it would make things a lot easier.

The second thing I've found is I have no straightforward way of telling what flight plans have been added since the last time I installed them. With the sheer number of flight plans available, I can no longer rely on remembering what was and wasn't on the list before. Would it be possible to have the dates the flight plans were uploaded to the list?


Region have been discussed multiple times. It's sadly not possible. It will require a lot of work to the manager (and ability to download the plans without installing them, just to check for where it flies).

The best way to eliminate your problem with the dates is more or less to install all the plans and then just update/install those that have been added since last time you had the program open.

I know it's not really that workable, but it is, at least for now, the only way to do it.

Johan Clausen