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Flightplans not activating
« on: March 27, 2021, 10:44:18 PM »

I have just discovered AIG and I'm installing through OCI  the flightplans (by the way great tool !!!) and I'm facing a strange issue probabaly due to my mistake.

I tried to install the first flightplan and everyhting went well.

Proceeding to install other flightplans, they appear in the list of installed and available flightplans, but in the simulator (P3D5) I do not see any flight of them (visually and also using the live timetable they do not appear).

The only flights visible and listed are the ones contained in the first flightplan that I installe (even if all the bgl have been created and in the OCI Traffic Files  directory)

Can someone address on how I could solve the issue?

Thanks in advance and kind regards


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Re: Flightplans not activating
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2021, 02:47:19 AM »
I’ve just had an issue like yours. I thought that only installing AIG Manager, it would make the magic. Initially, I was satisfied by seeing some known and some other bizarre airlines at places I visited. But then one day I went to KDAL-Dallas Love Field and KHOU-Houston Hobby, known Southwest Airlines Texas Hubs, and didn’t see any SWA aircraft at the gates.

Then I started diving in the forums hunting for answers. After fighting with some real enigmatic subjects discussed by some AIG Jedis, I discovered that some flight plans are NOT injected by AIM, but by another application called AIGTC, the Traffic Controller.

If you go to the AIM settings, you’ll see that there is a box to enter with the AIGTC path. Download it here in the forum in it’s own section, and read the manual PDF. After installation, it is automatically called by the sim and then injects those special flight plans.

This application also control helicopters. Have fun.
Heron Domingues, Jr