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Suggestion on your beta AI-Manger

Started by Clutch Cargo, April 17, 2022, 09:59:05 PM

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Clutch Cargo

Hi guys,  Just started using the AI-Manager for FS2020 and one thing struck me right off as I started installing various airlines.

May I suggest adding a checkbox that states something like: "Select Multiple Airlines".  Why add a checkbox you ask?  Yes, I am aware one can just press the CTRL key and add multiple airlines.  I was happily doing that but after about 40 selections I forget to depress that CTRL button when I made my next selection.  So I lost all of my selections and had to start over.  And with over 1300 selections one is bound to slip up now and then. 

With the 'Add Multiple Airlines' checkbox I can just go to my hearts content selecting, not worried I may lose all my selections.. again, ha!

So please consider adding this feature (keeping the CTRL + feature as well), when you upgrade your beta.

Otherwise, amazed on how well and professional this app it.  All the best!