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single .exe file

Started by 1538038, May 05, 2022, 03:46:06 PM

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Hi good evening, I'm trying the product and I say it's a real bomb, everything works wonders.
The only problem (but it is not to do what he knows everything) in my opinion the installation of the liveries is a bit cumbersome and I would like to propose maybe a single .exe program with all the liveries and all the planes already installed in it so that everyone can have all the airports with all the liveries, flight plans etc etc, incorporated without having to spend hours and hours downloading the files.
Then a single exe file to be launched and installed all automatically.
Thank you so much for understanding always with the premise that I don't want to teach anyone anything.



Of course its technically possible but ..

Lets think about it:

- All liveries, flightplans, models together in one exe file (i dont have the right number and maybe another user can put it in here). But for the sake of argument lets say its about 250GB. You still have to download and install this monster. Just imagine your download dies after 200 GB.

- You maybe already noticed flightplans, liveries and aircraft models got frequently updated. Imagine going for 250 GB download and installation weekly or monthly. Imagine our testers download and reinstall this over and over to find a bug. Imagine there is a mistake inside of 250 GB release package. Of course you can go for another patch exe for every update but in this case you are downloading "dead weight" from the first release.

- I dont want to go in detail how hard it will be to get permissions from all the people to include their work into such a monster package.

There are no plans for such a thing.


It's 100% the permission that makes it impossible.

Many of the painters, flightplanners and modellers have experienced that their work was shared, without permission, in a file like the one you asks for. And let's say. It has not been a positive experience for anyone. Maybe for the end-users that had a single file with all the AI. But that doesn't help when copyrights are broken multiple times in the same file. There are also several of the painters and modellers who have more or less no contact in the flightsim community anymore. And of they had to be asked too, for their work to be included in a file, then it will even more impossible to do.

That's why AIG have made the OCI, which normally works really well. Yes. The repaints might be troublesome at times, but that's because the flightplans are often going to be updated and the repaints are being updated too, and therefore don't fit the original plan.

Johan Clausen


AIM is desinged around flightplans and allow the user a modular Installation. Even if we would habe the premissions it would not make sense to upload a big file. Because you would need to redownload it Evers time we update just a single flightplan.