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AIG FS2004 Ground Team.
« on: October 16, 2009, 11:17:49 PM »
Hi everyone.

As most of you know, AIG has many different departments under the main AIG brand - AIG Flightplanning, AIG Models, AIG Repaints and AIG Ground.

As joint team leader of the AIG Ground team, along with Matthew (Hornets Nest), with my main focus on the FS9 side of the house I'm inviting you to join our fine group.

What will you have to do to join the AIG Ground FS9 team?

1. E-mail or PM me with your contact details; real name, forum name and e-mail address.

2. Give me a listing of your work, either at Avsim,, or maybe your own private work that may not have been released for whatever reason.
If it is your own private work, please send me a copy of your work so it can be evaluated.

What will be your role within the team if you are successful and join up?

Your main role will be producing quality ADE (afcad) files to be released to the general FS9 world for either default FS9 airports or add-on scenery airports.

Your first file will basically be a trial Airport set by the team to test your abilities, but from there on in, it will be your own choice as to what Airport to do.

What requirements are expected of me if I do join the AIG Ground team?

1. We as a team (FS9 & FS-X) now use ADE9X by ScruffyDuck Software, so you will need some knowledge of this tool, or be happy to switch to it from what ever you are using now, be it AFCAD 2, AFX or the Microsoft SDK tools.

2. You must have time to normally produce a minimum of 1 file per round. Of course this can, and will be, relaxed for real life commitments whatever they are.  I ask you to think of this when you apply to join, as although it seems an easy point, when you actually get down to producing ADE files, you will be very surprised at how time consuming they are from initial research to release.

3.You must beta test a minimum of 2 other members files per round.  You can develop your own file alongside this duty, but testing is more than it sounds.  The more you test, the more you can learn about your own files and abilities, making your own work better each time.

4. We have set standards we all adhere to, so you will have to abide by those same standards when producing your own work.

Does this interest you so?

If so, e-mail or PM me your cantact details so we can get in touch.  My e-mail is in my profile.

Tom C.

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