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« Reply #30 on: December 09, 2009, 05:33:02 PM »
Hey guys,

Firstly, let me apologize about the website outage - I was away over the weekend and didn't get home until late last night. I think the webhost company knew I was away and decided to pull the plug then just for fun!  :-X

Secondly, many thanks to those who have kindly donated. I was shocked (in a very good way) at the generocity of our members, and if nothing else it shows that this is a really great community. We have resisted asking for donations up until now, as our webhosting costs were relatively easily absorbed by the team.

However, as the number of visitors has increased, so has both our bandwidth and resource usage on the shared server. Some people get the 2 confused so let me (try) to explain:

Bandwidth Usage - downloading files, attachments, pictures, and generally any transferring of data. We are not even close to our limits for this. :)
CPU Usage - this is where we've been having problems. Our forums and website are database-driven, so whenever you click on something, it sends a request to the database to fetch the information and then displays the result. Each time this is done, it consumes CPU resources. With the increasing number of visitors to our website, this CPU usage has increased quite a lot, thus triggering the warnings from our hosting company. We now have migrated over to a dedicated server with increased resources for us to use. Hopefully we will not go over our CPU usage allowance, but we will monitor this and take (hopefully more proactive) action to avoid any problems in the future.

Once again, on behalf of myself and the rest of the team, many thanks for your kind donations.  ::cheers::

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« Reply #31 on: January 07, 2011, 10:11:12 AM »
Hi there,

I just joined here, although I'm already since fs2000 alng the way and specially interested in AI...
You're talking about hosting cost of hundreds or thousands of dollars ??? I have 2 website hosted by Italy's largest hosting company with unlimited storage, (I have over 1400 pages on one of my sites) and I pay including MySQL roughly 40 Euros per year. Or am I missing something? If you would like to know my hosting company, please feel free to contact me anytime.
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« Reply #32 on: January 07, 2011, 12:56:39 PM »
Because of the amount of traffic we pull in - we have to have our own dedicated webserver. That's why its costing so much to renew.
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