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Smoking tyres
« on: December 15, 2009, 09:23:20 AM »
New FSX weirdness. I've been flying various Project Airbus types and for some reason am getting smoke from the tyres (ie, mini touchdown fx) while taxying. Anyone care to venture a cause and solution? It's all airports by the way (so probably not Afcad-surfacte type related).

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Re: Smoking tyres
« Reply #1 on: December 15, 2009, 12:50:54 PM »
Does this happen at all airports?

If not it may be the underlying surface of the taxiway/runway. I had a bouncing plane whilst taxiing I didn't have tyre smoke but a positive up and down movement of the aircraft.

Here is my initial request for help

Hi all

I wonder if any of you can help me out?

I suffer from the aircraft I'm in porpoising when taxiing to the runway. The Runways/Taxiways surface as indicated in the links box in AFCAD 2.21 has the surface as Bitumus, If I alter a small segment of a taxiway to Asphalt my aircraft taxis without bouncing, until it gets to an unaltered portion of the same taxiway.

I have looked through the help section of AFCAD 2.21 to see if you can alter all the taxiways/runways in one hit with no luck. Do I have to do the sections individually?

Here was the reply and soloution to my problem

You can lasso the ones you're interested in changing, and then pick up any stragglers with ctrl-click, then just change in bulk. If you lasso something else too (eg tower viewpoint) then the changes will only relate to the object to choose to change (eg taxiway segments).

Bitumus surface has this problem of undulating for UI planes (AI handle it just fine because AI pilots are experts). Thanks Daniel.

May be this is of some help to you