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GA for small private planes?

Started by MURILO, July 19, 2020, 12:04:32 PM

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Hi friends,
I apologize if here is not the proper place to ask, or if it was answered before, but for some tima I have a question: Will there be GA for small random private planes, including propellers?


Although technically feasible, I wouldn't expect any in the near term.
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not planed yet, mainly because of missing models (HTAI Pack can not be converted...)


Quote from: Kaiii3 on July 19, 2020, 02:55:34 PM
not planed yet, mainly because of missing models (HTAI Pack can not be converted..)
Could you explain that a little further?  I'm assuming it's because the Cessna pack is payware and not available for conversion to P3d and/or PBR.


yes thats the reason, only ORBX got premission to convert some of the models and use them in their freeware pack...


There used to be an GA traffic generator which scanned all available airports in sim as well as all available AI aircraft, filtering out those above 14 tons (iirc) and creating random regional flights of all installed AI GA aircrafts with halfway realistic callsigns. Of course the liveries would still be i.e. ORBX OZ planes but better than no GA / VFR traffic, imho. Sadly only worked in FSX and doesn´t scan p3d bgls. If someone were to programm something like this or adapt that programme I think many simmers would be happy.
Just thinkin´ aloud here. But I guess the demand for VFR / IFR small planes traffic to populate the smaller airfields is real.



PS: Maybe what I am envisioning actually exists somewhere out there and I just overlooked it? If so I´d be glad to get pointed into the right direction.


It's still completely possible to use the above program for P3D. You just need to recompile the bgl-file it into P3D format using i.e. AIFP or similar.

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I tried that but in my case it must have not recognized the p3d installation because there were no entries or the possibility to scan for either ai aircraft or airports. I´ll have to check out why that is but the theoretical possibility of it working is good to know.


Best, Mace