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United Nations C-130 Hercules Liveries

Started by marco1202, September 19, 2020, 07:12:42 PM

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There is all the textures needed for the C130 Hercules from United Nations flightplans Winter2019-2020.
I took them from several packages and i have them installed manually.
Can i ask why they aren't on OCI flightplans ?



If they weren't available when the plan was created, they likely won't be there.  Also some of the paints aren't on the appropriate paint kit for the model in OCI, for example the one I painted is not on the HD kit so it won't work.

Maybe if the paints you found are appropriate for the model maybe the OCI plans can be updated.  So links would be appropriate for review.
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Hi Jon
Sorry for replying so late.
Yes , you probably right Jon.
I took all the liveries from MAIW. I just look for the airplane registration or Airline name  and they all came up to download.
Some are DDS format , others BMP wich i convert to DDS.
They were ok on my FSX.
To give you the links i will have to spend some time looking again for each liverie link.
I only have the store on my external disk the UN flightplans and the availables paints  from the flightplans and a few more from MAIW.
I can provide the textures and you can check. The links i will need some time to check again. I donr recall very well but is quite some C1330 textures to look for.

Thanks Jon for your explanation.