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Some missing AI of China

Started by XCSWxcsw, March 05, 2021, 05:14:26 PM

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Hi, I found the following problems:

1, I found out today that Air China Inner Mongolia was classified under CCA, but this is incorrect. Just like CCD (Dalian Airlines), it is a branch of Air China, ICAO: CNM, IATA: CA
2, Painting of the Chinese Air Force(PLAAF) is also missing. They will use OMA, CAF or PLA as callsigns. OMA is the same as Oman Air, but in reality, OMA will only be used when both departure AND landing airports is China. Paint you can find:
3, Okay Airlines MA60 painting missing.
4, Shunfeng Airlines missing.
5. China Postal Airlines missing.

There are many new painting on those 2 websites, if it can be incorporated into AIM, it would be great!



China is very difficult for good information for flight planning purposes.  That why most Chinese airlines are so old in AIM.

For Military AI see
To Err is Human, to Forgive is Divine. Neither of Which is SAC Policy.

A good plan violently executed right now is far better than a perfect plan executed next week.
George S. Patton


1. You are right will be adjusted in the next flightplan (pretty sure it was correct back in Su18)
2. not done yet - need a (quality) flightplan first along with the permission from the flightplan author
3. all MA-60 left the Okay Air fleet and went to Joy-Air (where they are included) - several liveries missing though (paints from 2012)
4. 3 attempts to create a flightplan for them failed so far (due to lag of data) especially domestic flights...
5. same as 4. very hard to get data for Cargo flights in China - tracking data is highly incomplete and inaccurate so are the schedules published

We are aware of these paints  ;)


Hey Thanks!
You are right, Okay airlines has no MA60 anymore.

For others, is it possible to add the painting and not quote it in any FP. In this way, even if everyone is connected to VATSIM, it can also be displayed normally.


No that's not possible as the connection of flightplans and repaints is the core of AIM, as the flightplan provides the repaint information.
It's like you wanting to run a computer without having a CPU.


Ah! I see! Hopefully someone can make a FP. Thanks anyway!


Large number of Chinese airports missing as well in FS. That's a whole other rabbit hole..