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Create GA "Airline" from default traffic .bgl?

Started by szln6z, April 23, 2023, 09:53:21 PM

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I have the default MSFS2020 traffic.bgl file, that has been modified to remove airliners and also incorrect flightplans.   
Is it possible to take this traffic.bgl file, create a flightplan file from it (maybe using AIFP), load it into AIM, and then let AITC inject the GA aircraft into MSFS?

I am asking this because whenever I use Offline AI Aircraft with MSFS I usually get a CTD.  But I have no CTDs with AITC, but there's no GA aircraft with AITC. 

I am trying to find a way that I can get GA aircraft and flight plans into MSFS so the local airports are populated with AI planes. 

I'll research this some more, but hoping if someone can just tell me if it's feasible to take the traffic.bgl. convert to flightplans, then pull it into AIM.



a new GA traffic system for AIGTC is already in the design-phase :)