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[SOLVED] Traffic not aligned properly in KJFK

Started by krake802, August 30, 2023, 05:14:16 PM

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Hi there!

First forum post here so sorry if I do somethings wrong.

I've recently reinstalled P3D V5 so I can fly supersonic with the new FSL Concorde. However, flying into KJFK (New York) the traffic is an issue. It seems like they don't know where the taxiways are, neither the gates. (Reminds me a bit of covid days, sad times).

I am running the latest update of both AIG Manager & Traffic, as well as P3D V5.4, and I am using FSDT's KJFK for scenery.

Please see images below for reference, and if any assistance I'd highly appreciate it.

Kind regards,


sounds like a Sim issue, AIGTC has no controll over where the airplanes are. Check at the airport again as well as on other airports


looks if the AFCAD is completely displaced - the FSDT scenery should not be that off from the default scenery - maybe another 3rd party AFCAD file?

check if there are any "*KJFK*.bgl" files outside the FSDT scenery folder
Happy Landings ;-)


Thank you all, I've posted a forum topic on the FSDT forum to hopefully get some help regarding an AFCAD issue or such.


Ray (Cheshire, England)