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[SOLVED] AIG works perfectly except enroute

Started by Jari95, September 10, 2023, 07:31:01 PM

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Traffic works perfectly on every airport except there is 0 airplanes around me when I fly and 0 airplanes on the approach.  After landing I notice other aircraft starting up and departing.  Only problem I'm dealing with is no enroute traffic and thus no arrivals.  I am using P3D V5 and the latest versions of AIG and the controller. 



I'm sorry, it's my first time on here.  How do I provide logs for you?

Edit:  After starting up a flight again I can rephrase my issue at the moment.  Traffic is taking off and landing at my current airport.  Enroute traffic is only the aforementioned traffic that took off or was inbound for my departure airport.  Besides those planes there is nobody flying.  Once I arrive at destination airport, the traffic starts up there, but not before and not on any other airport.


 What are you using the tell what else is flying around you?


P3D right click to view other traffic.  Also nothing is showing up on the AIG controller nor on my active sky map.


Topic can be closed, it started working out of the blue.  Increased the radius a little and pulled the slider back.  Quite good now