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[SOLVED] No traffic injected

Started by iMoveQuick, October 14, 2023, 09:04:58 PM

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Hi all,

Tonight I have been updating AIG Manager and AIG TC. After this was done I started updating some models and flightplans. All went well (Errors not leaving though, but I made another post about that matter), but opening my sim none of the traffic is loaded in.

TC says there is 0% traffic around you even though there was traffic this morning when I did my last flight. I'm wondering if the update has done something to the setup or did fixing the Objects for example caused this.

I've seen a post to delete the database, but there doesn't seem to be any database created. Maybe worth pointing out that Light Reborn also can't find any database to apply the lights to by the way, so I think it's connected.

Below are the logs.




Nothing was changed to the setup of running the application. The only thing I've done was update the models etc.
But re-installing the entire catalog resolved the problem.