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AIGAIM OCI for VATSIM (Prepar3D v4 and v5 only!)

AIGTech is releasing following statement regarding Model-Matchmaking for VATSIM, after the shutdown of FLAi:

AIG AI Manager (AIM) with the included One-Click-Installer (OCI) works in the current configuration for Model-Matchmaking in combination with vPilot. This has been reported by AIG Members as well as other Users.

AIGAIM incl. OCI was always designed to work fully with offline AI Traffic and so far, no development has been made to have an improved integration into VATSIM. This means that the current solution will be an 80-90% solution to get freeware model-matchmaking into VATSIM.

AIGTech has got the first information for an improved integration into VATSIM just a few days ago directly from the VATSIM-Team and is currently working on possible design changes to include a 100% VATSIM solution into OCI.

Besides that, there are currently private talks to find a way to make the whole setup process easier for VATSIM users, since they do not need the customization options AIGAIM OCI provides to the other users.

We will keep you informed about any new developments regarding this topic in our Forum.

Download AIM: AI Manager – (alpha-india.net) incl. a how-to for setup OCI

How-To set OCI for vPilot: P3D vPilot Settings for Model Matching (alpha-india.net)

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