• Alpha India Group goes General Aviation
    AIG has never really developed and released flightplans for smaller general aviation airplanes. This is mostly down to the fact that it is nearly impossible to write a realistic flightplan for such airplanes with the tools and sources available to us. Writing flightplans for airlines flying on a fixed schedule is far easier and takes … Read more
  • AIG ERJ-Series
    Alpha India Group is proud to announce the release of the Embraer ERJ and Embraer Legacy 600/650 AI models for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D. All variants of the Embraer ERJ family and the Legacy 600/650 have been modeled. The models include features such as 3D engine blades, reverser and non thrust reverser variants, and … Read more
  • Major Model Update for MSFS Released
    Major Model Update for MSFS Released We are happy to announce that today the big model update for MSFS has been released. All models have been updated to the current SDK standards and duplicated codes has been moved into a dedicated package, this will make future updates easier for developers and users. Besides the updates … Read more
  • AI Manager Update Release and major Model-Update for MSFS Announcement
    It took quite some time – longer than I have hoped and initial planed – but now we are proud to present you with the latest AI Manager Update and a full set of model updates for MSFS. AI Manager As already mentioned in the Development Updates from the past we have focused on the … Read more

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