In preperation for the public bete test of AIG AI Manager for MSFS we have updated our AIGTC for MSFS.

Version 0.5 will be working with MSFS and P3Dv4 and v5 on the same system. Compared to the P3D Version the MSFS version has no spotting mode and no weather based delays. This is caused by missing features within the current SDK.

For P3D users this tool is still optional to add AIGFP based AI Traffic to the Sim. Users of OCI for MSFS will have no choice to install their AI Traffic in the traditional BGL format, and have to use AIGTC to inject AI Traffic to the sim.

Exisiting users will get an automatic update to Versio 0.5, for the rest the current Version can be downloaded here:

No new features have been included compared to 0.4.

AIG Traffic Controller Version 0.5 – MSFS ready

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