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Alpha India Group goes General Aviation

AIG has never really developed and released flightplans for smaller general aviation airplanes. This is mostly down to the fact that it is nearly impossible to write a realistic flightplan for such airplanes with the tools and sources available to us. Writing flightplans for airlines flying on a fixed schedule is far easier and takes far less time.

But the whole idea of GA traffic has never left our heads and thanks to the community we have started to implement business operators to OCI to start filling the void of missing GA traffic. But those flightplans are mostly focused on jets and bigger propeller airplanes. That still leave the smaller GA propeller airplanes from the OCI setup.

And this is the part where our new feature DynGA (Dynamic GA) comes into play. It is an extension of the already existing AIGFP file format and provides basic information about the airplane, the homebase and possible flights the aircraft will fly. No times or days are set at all – it is basically a raw-data flightplan.

On startup of AIGTC it will build a timetable-flightplan based on the raw-information from the file that can be used to inject the airplanes like any other AIGFP based airplane. The “build”-process contains some random variables that will make sure that each startup will result in a different flightplan you get, making each flight unique – just like in real world general aviation.

This is all for now, but we will post more details about DynGA in the coming weeks.

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