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H145 AI Helicopter Operations preview

The last preview of an AI Helicopter under control by AIGTech’s Traffic Controller has shown a default P3D Seahawk departing and landing on a helipad.

Today AIGTech is pround to present the next hugh step regarding AI Helicopter traffic in the Simulator.

The Video is showing a modified Version of the JYAI EC145 SimObject from MAIW. The FDE has been completly reworked to be working as an helicopter and the model has been adjusted to make the animations work for an helicopter.

The helicopter is departing (incl. taxiout) at Nowich Airport (EGSH) and flying to a remote emergency response location. At this location is is performing a circle landing. This means it is flying above the landing side and making a full circle to check if it is safe to land. After the landing it will stay on the ground for a short time before departing again. The landing sequence was take at the helipad of the Addensbrook’s Hospital (Cambridge).

The flightplan for the helicopter including the routes it will fly has been developed in new AIGFP-format. The Airport as well as the helipads have been added to the Sim using a scenery BGL, the remote landing points are part of the flightplan and do not require any kind of extra scenery.

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