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Dynamic Flightplan (DynFP)

With todays update of AI Manager and Traffic Controller we have prepared all our public tools to handle the new Flightplan-Format AIG has developed over the last couple of months: DynFP

What is DynFP?
DynFP is a new format that does not contain any schedual information for an airplane like we used so far in the AI Traffic world. DynFP files provide only information about the airplane, it’s homebase and possible destinations, points of intresst and possible routes it can fly at specific weekdays.

How is DynFP traffic generated?
Based on the provided possible flights each weekday, AIGTC is generating on each startup a “fixed” schedual for this airplane that can be injected like any other traffic file with AIGTC. Besides the provided flight information we take the flight-type (sightseeing, leisure and so on) into account to caclulate realisitc departure times. You will see more leisure GA flights during the weekend compared to weekdays.

Will DynFP be developed further?
Yes! The current information provided in a DynFP are a good start and we have plans to expend the possibilities over the next time. For now we have mostly focused on smaller GA traffic (private and flight-schools) and added some military patrol on top of it.

Can I write my own DynFP?
In theory – yes. But we advice against it for now. DynFP is based on our AIGFP fileformat and we have not released a public tool to read/write/edit those files. We will provide an updated C#-Library for 3rd party developers to integrate the new format into therir tool.

The above map shows a sample of operators we have covert with DynFP flightplans. Not included on the map are flightplans for regional coverage (like Counties in the US)

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