AIG Airbus A340-Series Release and A330-Update

Alpha India Group is proud to announce the release of the Airbus A340 and a major update for the Airbus A330 AI models for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Prepar3D, and FSX.

The Airbus A340-200 and Airbus A340-300 are now available, and include features such as 3D engine blades, detailed landing gear parts, and custom light effects. All models include custom animations such as wingflex, flaps and slats which deploy for takeoff and landing, aileron animations which move depending on the airspeed and roll of the aircraft, rudder deflection while the aircraft is parked in windy conditions, fully animated landing gear with compression, and nose gear steering.

All Airbus A330 models have been updated, and Airbus A330 Multi Role Tanker Transport (MRTT) models are now available The A330 has received improved landing gear animations, updated textures, and various fixes/improvements. The A330 MRTT models feature animated fuel boom and hose-and-drogue systems, formation/slime lights, engine covers, and numerous domes and antennas. Use of AIG’s Traffic Controller is recommended for optimal A330 MRTT functionality (Flightplans will be released at a later time).

The MSFS models are available exclusively for use with Alpha India Group’s AI Manager, and include 4K resolution PBR textures, emissive mesh lights with glass light coverings, custom engine heat shimmer, and contrails.

Many repaints have been made for the A330 and A340 models, and they can be found at:

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