The AIG Dispatch team welcomes you to our new homepage!

Who are we?

We are group of hobby flightsimmers, investing hundreds of hours with the aim to bring the full AI experience into your flight simulator.

The AIG Dispatch area is splitted into 3 different parts:


The flightplanning team tries to provide up-to-date AI flightplans all around the world. That covers large intercontinental operating carriers as well as small local operators. Our claime is to create those flightplans in the best possible quality. That contains accurate departure/arrival – times, aircraft types and a detailed livery assignment to achieve the best flightsim experience for you.

Beta Testing

To ensure the the AIG flightplans fullfill the highest quality standards, each flightplan passes 2 independend Beta-Tests. Along with the flightplan related tests, we do also check performance related values to obtain the best possible harmony between flightplan and AI engine. Finally our testers check the installation process so you gain the full AI experience.


To complete the individual flightplan packages, we are proud to have a group of painters providing high quality paints for our flightplans. Our painters provide repaints for the latest AI models, that contains payware as well as freeware models. So you can choose your preferred AI model.

Last season the entire team created more than 250 flightplan packages all around the world, along with dozens of new repaints.