The AIG Software-Team provides internal software solutions for the AIG Dispatch Members to support the process of creating high quality flightplans from season to season. Besideds these internal production the team develops tools with focus on AI related features for the public.

Release-News from the Developers:
Software Projects

AIG has released so far a series of tools for public use:

AIG AI Manager

A powerful tool for managing all your AI related stuff, this includes updating flightplans, downloading and installing new repaints and flightplans.

AIG Traffic Tools

AIGTT is a complex completly new written tool for FSX and P3D. The idea is based on the “old” TrafficTools which converted the TXT files into traffic BGL files. AIGTT is taking this to a whole new level, because if supports Multi-Week-Flightplans. AIGTT was the first tool to support Multi-Week-Flightplans.

AIG AFD Converter FSX<->P3D

During the development of P3D Lookhead Martin has added more and more stuff to the “old” FSX code on which P3D is based on. On of the things LM is now using are some flags that were not used in FSX. If they are not set, some aprons or taxiways may seem to be invisible. The AFD Converter by AIG will set this flags, so you can use your FSX AFD files in P3D.