Major Model Update for MSFS Released

Major Model Update for MSFS Released

We are happy to announce that today the big model update for MSFS has been released. All models have been updated to the current SDK standards and duplicated codes has been moved into a dedicated package, this will make future updates easier for developers and users.

Besides the updates we are happy to share the newly converted FAIB Models for the Airbus A32X, Boeing 737 and Boeing 767 with you. AIG has gotten permission from the original developer to update and convert all his models for MSFS (the 747 will follow later).

With those updated and new models we see a major improvement on performance in the flight simulator as well. This is also a result of the newly updated Effects that we will release together with the model update.


The old MDLX Models of FAIB required a modification of textures files that is no longer needed with the newly updated models. As a result, AIM/OCI will remove the old textures during the update and will ask you to reinstall the faulty airlines. If you have a full setup this will result in a bulk-installation of around 600 airlines.

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