AIG Traffic Controller – Preview

Since the first Announcment of AIGTC in our Forum we have worked hard on the Tool and today we will give you the first insight on some of the features.

Flap-deployment during Taxi

The internal AI Engine of Prepar3D sets flaps shortly before takeoff. AIGTC will set the flaps shortly after pushback for all AI Aircrafts.


Some AI Models are featuring open exits when parked at airports, these Animations are often coded in the XML based on different variables. AIGTC offers a new way for exit opening/closing. If a Door Animation is connected to the exit-open/close command of Prepar3D this exit will be controlled by AIGTC directly.


Traffic injected based on BGL files is always flying directly from A to B. Using the new AIGPLN fileformat AI traffic will follow waypoints on the route between A and B.

  • Flights will follow Airways
  • Sightseeingflights
  • Patrol-Flights
  • ….
Different routes over the USA for the 747SP of SOFIA


And finaly a brand new AI Engine for Helicopter traffic. Helicopters added by AIGTC will perform vertical takeoffs and landing at any point of the world (if the FDE of the SimObject allows that). Helicopter-Spots at Airports will by dynamically managed by AIGTC.

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