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AIG AI Manager – One Click Installer

AIGTech is pround to announce One Click Installer for AIG AI Manager. Since World of AI (WoAI) is no longer active, there are no freeware solutions for installing AI Traffic (Models, Repaints and Flightplans) with a single click. AIGAIM – OCI downloades all needed files from the original sources directly to the computer and installs them from there to the own P3Dv4 addon of AIGAIM.

For some years there are some of these “OCI”-Tools already available, but most – if not all – of them are illigal. Because of this AIG has decided to start the development of One Click Installer for AIG AI Manager.


  • Own P3Dv4 Addon for OCI Files
  • Compatible with update function of AIGAIM
  • Downloand and installtion of Models, Repaints and Flightplans
  • Options for freeware and payware models


There is no date yet. We are still in the process of testing all features and updating our internal software to support OCI.

All Flightplans released during the Summer 2018 season have been updated to be fully compatible with OCI. All new released Flightplans will be compatible diretly with the release.

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  1. I have a problem with RFSL CRJ-700.Impossible to download with OCI. So, the airliners LOT, Luxair, Hop… don’t work. No problem with CRJ-900/100.
    I use P3D V4.4.

    Best Regards

    Francis Copette

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