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Pre-Beta Information

Before starting with the public beta there are some information you should know.



If you want to “upgrade” to the beta and already have Aim 1.0 running, download the BETA version and replace the “old” files with the new once. Your AIM will no be on Version 1.1 and on the beta update channel.

P3D and MSFS

It is suggested to update to AIM 1.1 following the above steps and use it for both Simulators. You cannot use your existing OCI installation, because of compatibility issues.

You need to start the OCI setup again for MSFS. The rest is identical to P3D, if you have not used AIG TC (AIGFP-Files) before you need now AIGTC as well!

MSFS (used OCI in P3D already)

Just download the latest beta of AIM and TC, setup OCI and install your airlines as you did in P3D.

MSFS (new user)

You need two tools to get your AI in the Simulator. AI Manager, the tool to manage and install your AI Content and Traffic Controller, the tool responsible to inject/add traffic in your sim while you are flying.

Download both, and extract them to a place of your choice, updates will be alter installed into the same directory.

First start AIM and follow the guide inside the ZIP file for a quick setup, after that start TC and follow the startup process there as well.


There is a tutorial within AIM you should follow.

You need Accounts on AVSIM and Flightsim.com to access the files hosted there! AIM will try to download as many files as possible fully automatically, but some servers block the direct access, in this case AIM will instruct you to download the files manually.

Getting AI in the Sim

After you have installed some airlines start you Sim and AIGTC (should be already setup). If “auto injection” has been enabled AIGTC will spawn the AI traffic as soon as you are loaded your flight.

Inofficial Tutorial can be found here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/609870-aig-ai-manager-oci-for-msfs-quick-first-steps-video/

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